Omega Seamaster Professional 300m 2254.50


This is a review about the Omega Seamaster 300 2254.50. The watch was sold along the ‘Bond’ Seamaster 2531.80 and its differences to the 2531.80 are sword hands, indices, bracelet, colors and big triangle dial. The “big triangle” on the dial along with the rectangular indices are a throwback to the classic 166.024 and 165.024 Seamasters.

The distinctive features of the 2254.50 are its thinness, sword hands and speedmaster style bracelet with slight taper to the clasp.

However, to keep Omega references complex, Omega released a few other similar, but different models, such as the 2255.80 electric blue and steel, 2533.50 America’s cup with black dial and steel and the 2054.50 which nearly identical to the 2254.50, but mounted on the 5-link Bond bracelet.

Basic Information

Movement1120 (ETA 2892-A2)
Lug to lug47mm
Lug width20mm
MaterialStainless Steel
Water Resistance300 m


ProductionReference NumberAppearance
19932531.80Round indices, skeleton hands, both in tritium and luminova.
Black dial, blue bezel, 5-link bracelet.
19972254.50Big triangle, painted rectangular indices, sword hands.
Black dial, black bezel, speedmaster bracelet.
19972054.50Big triangle, painted rectangular indices, sword hands.
Black dial, black bezel, 5-link bracelet.
2255.80Big triangle, painted rectangular indices, sword hands.
Blue dial, steel bezel, speedmaster bracelet.
2533.50Big triangle, applied rectangular indices, sword hands, America’s Cup printed on dial.
Black dial, steel bezel, 5-link bracelet.
Table of automatic SMP300 references

Hand-winding Experience

The Omega cal 1120 derived from ETA 2892-A2 is a workhorse and can be enjoyed for its utilitarian aspects. It is neither pretty or advanced, but it does the job. The advantage of the movement is that most watchmakers are able to service it.

The hand-winding experience of the 2254.50 is close to standard ETA 2892-A2. There is really nothing new to anyone who has handled an ETA 2892-A2. While the winding experience is quite far away from modern in-house luxury watch movements, the watch gives satisfiable clicks to notify when it has been fully wound. It also keeps excellent time.

Bracelet and Straps

The 1610/930 bracelet of the 2254.50, even with its modest taper, is not for everyone. For a person with a smaller wrist, it can fear bulky and cumbersome. For those whose wrists swell a lot, the bracelet can be uncomfortable as it lacks micro-adjustment. The 2254.50 is a relatively thin watch and compared to the watch head the bracelet can feel big and unbalanced. Those familiar with 5-digit Rolex watches may even hate the bracelet. Luckily, not all is lost, because the 2254.50 is only 11mm thick it wears perfect on a nato strap.

Because the watch is thin, it is possible to use some of the thicker Nato straps. Similarly Nato straps with keepers, won’t feel too thick. The waffle weave Blushark Orca is a good example. Even with a 1,5mm thick waffle weave Orca, the 2254.50 is at 14mm of thickness. This is still 1,5mm thinner than a cal 8500 Planet Ocean.

My preference is to wear it on a Nato strap over the excellent Speedmaster-style bracelet. Luckily, most watches come with the bracelet, so you can decide for yourself and you won’t miss out.


ModPart number
Non-America’s Cup Dial064WZ3121001
Planet Ocean Second Hand066WZ4315
Micro adjustable claspClasp: 117STZ001154 (large)
Clasp: 117STZ004666 (small)
Sadle-link (2x): 0118ST1589
Pins (2x): 0128ST0166
Screws (4x): 0124ST3307
Mods and part numbers

Non-America’s Cup Dial: In this mod, the dial of the 2254.50 is changed to the Non-America’s Cup Dial. In this dial the indices and Omega text are applied vs painted and printed.

Planet Ocean Seconds Hand: In this mod the second hand is changed to PO seconds hand which some think fits better the sword hands. Also the tip of the seconds hand is brighter.

Micro-adjustable clasp: In this mod the normal clasp is changed to the more modern micro-adjustable clasp. This requires changing the last links to ones with screw ends. This gives the wearer three different positions to adjust the watch thorough the day.


While the movement service for the 2254.50 should be cheap, the bezel is expensive to replace. This is because the bezel will come with the whole bezel assembly instead of just insert. If one is looking for a 2254.50, it is best to find an example with excellent bezel.

The case of the 2254.50 is softer than more modern planet oceans and speedmasters. The big issue here is that the Omega lyre lugs take polishing particularly bad. A watch that has undergone improper polish is impossible to repair without a new case, so it is best to ensure that the edges of the lyre lugs are sharp.


The 2254.50 is a great watch, but it has its issues. The bracelet isn’t for enthusiasts who like tapered bracelets. People who suffer from swollen hands should definitely look into the micro-adjustment mod. In addition, the bezel action of the 2254.50 can also disappoint some collectors.

The sword hands, the lume and the dial make up for its downfalls and aesthetically it works very well with the bracelet. The most notable characteristic of this watch is its thinness. People who prefer wrist presence are going to enjoy the more modern Seamasters or Planet Oceans. Either way, so far this is the only modern watch in the Seamaster line-up with the sword hands.


  • Size
  • Serviceability
  • Sword hands
  • Lume


  • Bracelet is heavy and tapers only slightly. Micro adjustment is minimal and depends on half-links.
  • Bezel action
15th of February 2022: The article incorrectly stated that the cal 1120 movement is derived from ETA 2824-2, but in reality the base caliber is ETA 2892-A2.

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