Fake Vietnam / Military Watch

There is a well known fake vintage watch that is persistently used to con newbies into thinking they have hit the jackpot. The dead giveaway is the reference Y22668 and the number 10589463. If you find this blog post by googling those numbers, the watch in question is a fake. None of these watches are authentic or contain a single original part.

Fake IWC

Fake IWC
IWC caseback

Fake Omega

Fake Rolex


There is a slim possibility that a legit vintage military watch exists somewhere with Y22668 and 10589463 stamped on the back. However, if Google brings you here with these numbers, the watch is most likely a fake. The brands are at least Patek Philippe, Rolex, IWC, Omega, Tudor and Breitling.

Interestingly there are few variations of the Rolex with seemingly random numbers. It may be that in later evolutions the manufacturer has switched to random numbering so that the watches aren’t easy to find by Google in blog posts such as this

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