Rolex GMT Master 16700 & 16710 cheat sheet

Basic Information

NameRolex GMT MasterRolex GMT Master II
Lug to lug47,5mm47,5
Lug width20mm20mm
Water Resistance100m100m
Basic information

The two watches are very similar, but they have a few key differences. The movement of 16710 is more advanced and allows user to move hour & GMT hand independently. The 16700 works like any other watch, except GMT hand completes a single revolution in 24 hours.

There are also other differences: 16700 was never offered with a SEL bracelet, and its manufacturing stopped at 2000 and 16710 came with two movements, cal 3185 and cal 3186.


BezelOnly Pepsi / BlackBlack, Pepsi and Coke
TritiumBefore 1998Before 1998
Swiss only/Luminova1998-19991998-1999
Super luminovaNeverAfter 1999
Lug holes AlwaysBefore 2003
Solid end-link braceletNeverAfter 2000
Cal 3186 movementNeverAfter second half in 2007
Rolex GMT Master 16700 with SEL bracelet.

Personal Preference

Despite the fact that I own a 16700, my personal preference is 2001-2003 GMT Master II because:

  • Superluminova
  • SEL bracelet
  • Lug holes

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